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Bee removal information:

Question: I have honey bees nesting in the walls, (eaves / sub floor / bay window / chimney etc.) of my house. How do I get someone to take these free honey bees and honey?  

After all, honey bees are endangered, and beekeepers should want them, right? 

Answer:  There are several parts to this. First: Honey bees are not disappearing from the planet. Certainly, beekeepers have had some high mortality rates in some years, but honey bees as a species (Apis mellifera L.) are doing quite well globally.

Second:   A Homeowner is not doing most beekeepers a favor by providing them access to the bees in a building or structure. There are much easier ways for beekeepers to get honey bees. 

Your situation is a real job that may require several hours of work to remove the bees and return the structure to a functional condition.    This is work.

If you have honey bees located inside of your home, often in the walls, & you want them removed, you have options . 

Whatever you decide to do. 

Before you spray, PLEASE do the research first! 

Here are a few links and there is plenty more on the internet.Resources:




Thank you for taking the time to read this and I hope we can assist you with your situation.