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Question: I have honey bees nesting in the walls, (eaves / sub floor / bay window / chimney etc.) of my house. How do I get someone to take these free honey bees and honey?  

After all, honey bees are endangered, and beekeepers should want them, right? 

Answer:  There are several parts to this. First: Honey bees are not disappearing from the planet. Certainly, beekeepers have had some high mortality rates in some years, but honey bees as a species (Apis mellifera L.) are doing quite well globally.

Second:   A Homeowner is not doing most beekeepers a favor by providing them access to the bees in a building or structure. There are much easier ways for beekeepers to get honey bees. 

Your situation is a real job that may require several hours of work to remove the bees and return the structure to a functional condition.    This is work.

If you have honey bees located inside of your home, often in the walls, & you want them removed, you have options . 

Whatever you decide to do. 

Before you spray, PLEASE do the research first! 

Here are a few links and there is plenty more on the internet.Resources:

Thank you for taking the time to read this and I hope we can assist you with your situation. 

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So just FYI future reference and to share with others. This is what's left in the bottom of your walls when you spray bees. Honey, old comb, dead bees and larvae etc. A treat for roaches, mice and the like. And I can't even describe the smell. It's like no other smell that eventually seeps through into the dwelling through the walls and almost impossible to totally get rid of. So if you ever suspect bees have moved in.....have them physically removed asap before exterminating.Information

Cutout leftovers. Dead bees, wax, honey etc.

Cutout leftovers. Dead bees, wax, honey etc.